Stephen Curry Puts On A Show

The Golden State Warriors were on fire last night against the Heat! This was a mouth-watering match up that caught the eyes of a lot of NBA fans around the world. The GSW are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and they are holding a 7 game win streak after last nights victory over the Heat.  This was a high scoring game, with fast paced basketball being played by the both teams. The Curry-Lee combination was too much for Miami and they could not find an answer for both of them all night long. Lee finished with 32 pts ( 13-17 FGM-A) and 14 rebounds and Curry went for 36 pts ( 13-22 FGM-A) and 12 assists. Curry also hit 8 threes in the game and few of them definitely were wild ones. After the game, the Heat players had something to say about Curry’s shooting:

“He’s obviously one of the greatest shooters in this game, and he hasn’t even started yet, he’s early in his career,” Wade said. “There’s nothing you can do. It’s tough. He’s special. And that’s why that team has a shot to come out of the Western Conference, because of his ability to pass with both hands, and the way he shoots.”


With a shooter like that, James said, “You just hope that they miss, and it’s one of those nights. It wasn’t tonight, though.”

Take a look at Stephen Curry full highlights vs Miami and feel free to share your thoughts about his performance in last nights game. Enjoy!



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