Cavs Loose In Overtime Against The Warriors

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost in overtime after they blew up a 9 point lead at half time. In the second half the Warriors took over control and they were in a winning position with a three point lead and less than 10 seconds left, but Kyrie Irving came up big and hit a very important three to send the game in OT. Steph Curry had a chance to win it, but his floater was just inches short. These two players were also leaders of their teams. Kyrie finished the game with 27 points and 9 assists while Curry had 29 points 11 assists and 9 rebounds on the other side, but he also had 5 TO’s.

Andrew Bogut had a strong game and was a real presence in the paint together with Lee. Maybe you can’t see it on the score sheet, but the Aussie big man helped out with his strong picks, spread the floor with his movement in the paint and made opponents adjust their shot on more than one occasion. He had one monster dunk early in the game over Thompson.


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