Another Heated Game

The closing game of this year’s Christmas was maybe the best one. If it wasn’t the best one, surely it was the most heated one. There is a growing rivalry between LAC and GSW even though both of them are trying to deny it. Yesterday we witnessed two ejections, flagrant foul and three technical fouls. Something that has been common in the previous matches between this two teams.
Blake was the victim in this one, because he received 2 technical fouls and automatic ejection even though he was the victim in both cases. You can see the incidents in the following video

After the game Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson decided to speak up for the team, but they didn’t do that on the press conference. They tried to defend Chris Paul who had a heated argument with Andrew Bogut. What are the similarities between this scuffle and the well known “Menace at the Palace” between Detroit and Indiana.

Both situations feature Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal. Pretty funny right? I guess that this time there will be no season long suspensions. After the game Griffin called Golden State tactics “cowardly basketball.” We can just wait for their next meeting, which should be a good one by all means.



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