The King Did It Again

James came up BIG last night vs Hawks and did that in style. On a nights when DWade is out, we all get the chance to see the best version of Lebron James. Last night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks was exactly the same story. The Heat were down 7 points in the last 2 minutes of the game and then James took it over. He was as clutch as we would see, by scoring two 3-pointers and a nasty dunk on Paul Millsap in the last 2 minutes of the game. He also had the final assist to Ray Allen who was fouled taking the 3 point shot and took the game to overtime by converting 3 free throws. Latter they were to strong for the Hawks in OT and took the game in dramatic fashion.

Remember how Lebron James dunked on Ben McLemore few days ago? Well he did it again and this time against a bigger guy – Paul Millsap. Oh yeah he also didn’t mention afterwards anything about how sorry he was. Also for all Lebron haters it is important to notice that he performed this move late in the fourth while Miami was down by three. The Heat won at the end 121:119 in OT and Lebron finished the game with 36-8-6 and 0 TO’s.

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