The Love Doctor

Kevin Love is proving to be the player with highest basketball IQ at the moment in the NBA. He is not physically dominant over his opponents, but with his impeccable footwork and positioning he easily outthinks the bigger and more agile opponents. There are situations where Love grabs few offensive rebounds in a row just because of his quick feet and situational thinking.

One of those nights happened yesterday against the Los Angeles Clippers where Blake Griffin and especially DeAndre Jordan were heavily outplayed by Kevin Love in the paint. Love finished the game with 45 points 19 rebounds and 6 assists. Although Griffin had 32 points for the Clippers he was overshadowed by the Rebounding Machine Kevin Love. It’s just more and more notable that he has great feel for the game. I mean how often you can see a 6’10’’ 240 pounds NBA center to score a floater.

The only problem with Kevin Love is that he’s not that good on the defensive end particularly in the department of man to man direct defense. He also forgets to come back on transition defense after he takes a shot and is easily overrun by faster forwards, which is very often in the modern NBA game. So doesn’t matter how big as a player he is and how good his numbers are he often hurts the team with the lack of defensive awareness. The more shots he takes, the more transition opportunities the other team gets. That’s why Minnesota needs to move Love on the center position and acquire one fast and athletic power forward, something that they had in Williams but decided to throw away.

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