Houston Rockets @ Dallas Mavericks

Tonight we have the reunion between Dwight and Cuban shortly after their hang out last summer in Los Angeles. We all remember Cuban’s presentation to Dwight, his “selling” of the Mavericks as a franchise that will be the best destination for his future development. He was pointing out this to be the best decision for Dwight for both sporting and business reasons. Let’s not forget the “Dwight saving the world” video that Cuban and his staff prepared for Howard.

For couple of days they were the front-runners in the Dwight race until it was whispered that he chose to take his talents to Houston and play together with the guy known as simply “The Beard”. Cuban was rejected and the tension between this two franchises got to another level. Mark then went to attack Harden about his playing style and also mentioned that Dwight will regret his decision not to join Dallas. And Mark is a guy that really knows his basketball stuff and it is witnessed that he is a better game analyst Skip Bayless.

So that leads us to tonight’s game between these two teams, a game that will not be just a regular clash for both of them. They are two high scoring teams that want to push the tempo and score quick buckets, which will lead to a lot of possessions and a scoreline that will jump in our eyes. The weakest link in this Dallas team is the C position and we should expect a monster night from Dwight especially when Harden is expected to miss tonight clash. Howard had a nice game last time these two teams met ending it with 33 points

Dallas has his own weapons in the Monta/Dirk duo and they will look to take advantage of Houston’s sluggish D. These two teams are expected to fight for seeds between the 5th and 8th playoff spot in the crowded Western Conference and this could easily be a game that will worth a lot at the end of the season.



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