NBA Tuesday Injury Report

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to a victory over the Memphis Grizzlies with 21 points, but that came with a cost. He twisted his knee and expects to play on Friday.

Rudy Gay left the game against Charlotte at the five minute mark of the third quarter and didn’t return. The Kings announced that he’s ok and only had stiffness on his knee. He will be all right for their next game. It looks like Gay has settled and he is slowly improving his FG%.

Rudy Gay Injury

Tony Parker is still not returning from his right shin contusion suffered against the Clippers and he will not join the team against Golden State and Phoenix. He will probably be back against the Thunder.

Tony Parker Injury

Lebron James will probably sit out the game against Indiana because of a sore ankle, injury that he suffered in the win against Utah Jazz. He addressed the media earlier and said that he is a long-term player on a long-term team and the opponent will not determine his status. Normally if this were the NBA playoffs he would be able to help his team. Here’s what he posted at Instagram earlier.

Lebron ankle

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