Mini Trade Season

December 15 it’s the day when a great number of summer signings become available to trade. It’s like a mini trade season inside the trade season in the NBA. It’s a useful period for a lot of NBA teams with different aspirations. The contenders that have realized their weaknesses are in for an improvement that will boost their playoff chances. Lottery teams are in mood to offload huge salaries in return for future picks. It’s like in the economy the demand and the supply side are perfectly matched in this time of the year. This is a second opportunity to correct or improve your previously made decisions. We should expect some interesting moves from now until February, moves after which lot of things will be clearer about the rest of this NBA season.

Teams in need for a reinforcement (buying teams)

Los Angeles Clippers


It was obvious early in the summer, but now is even more obvious. The Clips are in desperate need for a back-up big guy. Their bench is pretty thin in this segment. Mullens is softer than a piece of toilet paper and Hollins is not a guy for a championship team. The options on the market are not pretty good and their only possibility is the newest addition to the trade list Dudley or Mr. Crawford who also has some value.

New York Knicks


They have a lot of holes to fill in and maybe one trade will not fix all of their problems. They are desperate for a PG and D guy down there. What we have heard is that they are trying hard to get Lowry and that’s a trade that we can see coming somewhere in the future if the Toronto Raptors don’t push for that lottery pick. Shumpert has been mentioned in few trade scenarios and it is evident that the Knicks office is loosing their patience with Felton.

Houston Rockets

Omer Asik Fights Dwight Howard

Leave Me Alone Dwight

The Rockets need to find a third player that will take care of the dirty work for Harden on the defensive end and they have a guy that can be used in half of the teams in the league in Asik. A lot of rumors have been flying about his next destination with Boston, Atlanta and Cleveland standing out as few of the teams that have shown some interest. One trade possibility that could happen is also with a guy who has become available for trade on 15.12.2013 and that guy is Millsap. He is having a tremendous season in Atlanta and is on an attractive 2-year/18 million deal. This trade could happen down the lane because it will benefit the both teams included.

Other available players from teams that have decided to “tank” and go hard after Wiggins and company are: Evan Turner, Rajon Rondo, Arron Aflalo, Goran Dragic, etc.

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