Top Five Gilbert Arenas Career Moves

You all probably heard the news that Agent Zero is considering to join the NBA again. He doesn’t have a realistic need to do this because he drained couple of NBA franchises to pay him out his max contract from which he had only a half year as an active superstar. I guess he only wants to prove people wrong or just have the best seats for the playoffs. You need to hear his line of thought to understand how serious he with his intentions is.

Gilbert Arenas: Yeah, right now I’m just developing apps. Next summer, I’m going to train really hard and then try to make a team. I’m going to try to come back.

We will reminiscence of his worst career moves and choices in this article. He was a great player at one moment, playing at an All-Star level, but some of the things he did off and on the court are just ridiculous.

1. Arenas The Gunslinger (this probably started the end of Critterton’s career as well)


2. Toilet Paper Roll Money


3. Playing in China For The Shanghai Sharks (and still getting some serious cheddar from the NBA)


4. Getting The Max Contract And Not Providing A Single Good Season

Washington Wizards v/s Orlando Magic February 4, 2011

5. Entrepreneurship Moves – Making Mobile Apps?gilbert-arenas-wizards-file-d5f8506b9167cfd6_large

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