Nowitzki vs Curry – Battle Of The Two Most Prolific Shooters In The Game Today

Tonight we will witness a rare occasion where the two probably most prolific shooters in today’s game will meet. They both play on different positions and physically are on two opposite sides, but their shooting form is just impeccable. It is joy to watch how Curry steps up from night to night and leads this dynamic Warriors team to a sure playoff spot. They surely miss Iguodala, but he will heal just in time for the 2014 NBA playoffs. Steph had great teachers for his jump shot technique in the likes of his father who also played with Drazen Petrovic, arguably the best scorer the game has ever seen besides Michael Jordan, from whom he maybe picked up some tricks while he was a kid.


Nowitzki is another player that worked on his shot till perfection with his personal coach Holger Geschwindner. It’s just beauty to watch his step back one legged fade-away which hi trained to perfection. A leader of a generation of Dallas players that could have won more than only one NBA title, especially in the early 2000’s. Today he still plays like he’s only getting in the league and leads the Mavs to yet another playoff appearance.



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