Who Will Guard Who?

There was a lots of negative talk about the Detroit Pistons and their frontcourt experiment. Tonight they face the Minnesota Timberwolves and the real question is who will guard who. I mean it is clear that Love will go against Jennings, but the big guys … how will that work out? Probably the best fit is to put Drummond on Pekovic and Smith on Love, but that leaves Monroe guarding Brewer. I mean it’s a real mess. Monroe will need to guard Love, but the Wolvs elite PF is just faster and has perimeter game that Monroe can’t guard effectively. On the other hand Smith will go against the faster and quicker Corey Brewer, which will open lots of holes on the open floor. And while they have plenty of size in the frontcourt, they are just to small on the SG position. Kevin Martin is at least 3” taller than Stuckey, situation which will leave lots of easy low contested shots for him. How to play trough this one Maurice?

Maurice Cheeks

Maurice Cheeks

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