Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets

Probably the most interesting matchup tonight because of the talent pool that these two teams posses. There are couple of injury issues bothering the two teams, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t have an exciting venue in our hands tonight.

Key Players

Young Bloods …

In my opinion besides their two superstar players Steph Curry and James Harden both teams tonight will be heavily impacted by their role players. While Tristan Thompson will need to play tough D on the Beard, Harrison Barnes will have the chance to showcase his talent because he is now replacing Andre Igoudala and will be playing either against an injured Chandler Parsons or his replacement Omri Caspi. The both scenarios look good for the young Barnes and he will probably go above his average in tonights game. Terrence Jones on the other hand will be Rocket’s reinforcment in the paint as he will need to take advantage of every glimsp of free space given by Bogut and Lee, both of them who will be concentrating on Dwight Howard in the paint.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry

It should be an interesting game between two NBA teams that have young squads thirsty for winning. GSW is on a two game winning streak, but those two wins came against weak teams and in a dramatic fashion (especially the 27 points rally against the Raptors). The Rockets on the other side are going into this one with a two game loosing streak after a no-show in Utah and a low scoring L at home against the Phoenix Suns. We give the edge to the Warriors.

Pick: Golden State Warriors @ 2.75 | stake: 4/10 | bank: 0 units

It is our firs tip and our first post in this category so here is a relevant comic relief to top it all:

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